About Us

Welcome to the Reignited Faith Blog!

My name is Rutere M. K., and I’m a minister and chaplain with 10 years of experience working with churches in many different parishes. I have a Bachelor of Theology (BTh), and I am passionate about sharing the gospel and soul-winning.

The mission of the Reignited Faith Blog is to explain Bible verses and show how we can apply them in our daily lives. We believe in the power and strength of the Word of God, and we are here to help people discover that power and strength. Our mission is to spread the good news of salvation and help others reignite their faith.

We are passionate about helping people understand and apply the Bible to their lives and to help them feel closer to God. We strive to create a positive, encouraging, and uplifting environment that will help people grow in their faith.

We hope that the information you find on the Reignited Faith Blog will inspire and encourage you. We are excited to share the power of God’s Word with you and help you reignite your faith.

God Bless.

Rutere, M. K.

Photo of the author of reignited faith blog Rutere K. Martin